Discover the history of cacao and special taste of ancient chocolate.

What is ”Okayama Ancient Cacao Tourism”?

Why not learn the story of good chocolate and taste your own special chocolate?

Cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate, has a history spanning some 5,300 years.
It is known that ancient civilizations in Central and South America already consumed cacao for food.

“Ancient Cacao Tourism” is a tour plan that allows visitors to learn about the history of Central and South America, including cacao, and enjoy making ancient chocolate with professionals. In this issue, we would like to introduce the tour.

We hope you will join us in Okayama for a romantic journey filled with the aroma and taste of cacao.

Attraction of ”Okayama Coffee Tour’’

Here is a tour of the history of cacao in Okayama.
The tour includes an ancient chocolate workshop at a Bean To Bar chocolate specialty store.

Historical Journey: Visitors can learn about the history of cacao, the main ingredient of cacao, and the relationship between ancient Central and South American civilizations and cacao.

Fascinating Guides: The only museum in Japan specializing in ancient Central and South American artifacts, visitors can learn about ancient Central and South American civilizations and excavated artifacts through humorous guides.

Tour guide, the museum director is one of the recommended.

Cacao beverage experience: Visitors can enjoy a miniature cacao beverage specially made for the museum by recreating the ancient Central and South American cacao drink. Visitors can also make their own ancient chocolates at the chocolate store.

Example Schedule

03:00p.m.Visit BIZEN Museum of Latin American Art 
05:00p.m.Move to Bean To Bar Chocolate Specialty Shop
06:30p.m.Ancient Chocolate Workshop

Souvenirs with “your own name” written in ancient Mayan script

As a souvenir of the tour, visitors will receive goods with their names inscribed in ancient Mayan script.
We will give you a Mayan letter drawn in your own unique design, the only one of its kind in the world.

The gift will be mailed to you after your participation in the tour, but if you wish to receive it on the day of the tour, please let us know in advance.
*Please note that we may not be able to accommodate you depending on the date of your application.

Colored Mayan letter name photo stand

Souvenir Contents

-Certificate of Mayan letter name with explanation

-Black and white Mayan letter name photo stand and stamp for engraving (2.8 cm square)

-Colored Mayan letter name photo stand & 2 sheets of 24 colored stickers

-Villager’s Badge (badge presented to Mayan script holders, allowing visitors to participate in future museum-sponsored events, etc.)

Highly recommended for those who wants to…

  • Chocolate lovers: who want to taste delicious chocolates.
  • History buffs: those who want to learn more about the history of ancient Latin American civilizations and excavated artifacts.
  • Interested in cacao production: Those who want to make chocolate from cacao.
  • Interact with professionals: Visitors who wish to deepen their knowledge of the chocolate business by interacting with producers and production professionals.

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Only your group per day

Tours can be conducted privately without other visitors.
This allows you to concentrate on the content with your friends and colleagues.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our tours.